High-quality services since 2005

Since 2005, X-Large has invested in the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, in the continuous training of its staff, in vertical integration of its production in order to operate independently and autonomously in most projects it undertakes, in increasing its partner network throughout the country so that it can undertake simultaneous projects throughout Greece and Cyprus. Based on its qualifications, X-Large assumes the ultimate responsibility for the end result, which always does it justice. The trust of its hundreds of small and large clients and the undertaking of increasingly demanding projects prove that the company’s well-coordinated efforts ever since its establishment have borne fruit.

  • At X-Large we know that many people are eager to participate in success, but few in the relevant responsibility. We want to be part of the “few” who take full responsibility and share the joy of success.
  • We are the only digital printing company in Greece that is ISO-certified regarding the installation of our digital prints, precisely because our installation tools and equipment are certified, while the staff and the entire project are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.
  • X-Large fully insures the people and the project during the installation works, observing all safety rules.
  • All of our projects are supported by European materials, certified for their properties and performance, so that the client can ultimately be the one who benefits from the performance of these high-quality materials.
  • We have a vertical production line, from the manufacturing of simple crates up to complex structures as requested by the client, starting from scratch and delivering the final result… and all of this in-house.
  • We have our own studio so that we can develop any sample requested by the clients, so that they can test it before deciding.
  • We are a complete team of 30 people, specialised in our field, continuously trained on new machines, responding to our clients’ requests without delay.
  • We have a dedicated client service department. Each of our clients contacts a representative of our company who has full responsibility of the project and handles the account and the communication with the client.

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